A Dangerous Disorder That can Cause Heart Disease

One of a dangerous disorder that we must be aware of is  the diabetic neuropathy, this is a kind of disease that can put our life at risk. This kind of disease involves kidney failure, nerve damage and can even take our eyesight if it goes bad. This is very common to us that the symptoms of this illness are numbness of our hands and feet. Infections in our mouth  and urinary tract infection may also occur if you have this kind of disease. This is really hard for individuals have no child yet because if this illness comes worst there will be a possibility that impotency will occur for men and problems regarding pregnancy for girls. There are lost by men who have been diagnosed with this disease have suffered impotency making it hard for them to have a sexual relationship.

Most of the people who have neuropathy comprises with fifty percent diabetic cases. This usually happens when levels of blood glucose is imbalance, but this is not like other illness that cannot be cured this can be cured with natural neuropathy treatment, by just taking a proper exercise and maintaining the sugar level. Of course you must avoid those foods that can make the disease worse. You should go to a clinic or to your doctor to make have some check ups if you think that you are experiencing all the symptoms caused by the disease. If you will not prevent this while it is still on the stage of getting worse you might experience all the consequences brought by this disease and you might treat it but not all that you lose will be back.

There are lots of why this kind of disease is often ignored by many individual and one of the reasons why they do not mind this is. It has a cure and the disease does not occur fast, but they main point here is there are some instance that you will not even know that the diseases is on the worse stage in which treatment will cure you but not all your organs will get all the things that have been gone. So we better take into consideration that we must value our lives and don’t just ignore simple diseases that can complicate your life.

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