A Silent yet Dangerous Disease

There are many things that we must know especially with regards to our health. There are symptoms of diseases that are cannot be noticed easily just like neuropathy symptoms, some of it can be found on hands and feet you will be able to feel numbness in which you are like wearing gloves and socks on it. Our muscle control and also a sense of being able to feel cold and warm can even be affected by it. You cannot predict to how fast it will occur in your body because as I mentioned earlier there are instances that it cannot be noticed but causes sudden disability.

You cannot just ignore this kind of disease because you will be able to experience an unbearable pain which is really dangerous. Some people who have this kind of disease and that comes to the worse stage have attempted to commit suicide because they cannot take all the pain that is caused the said disease. There are also instances that the effect will not be fatal and you get it unnoticed that it is perhaps getting worse. If you think you are experiencing those kind of symptoms brought by this disease better go the doctor and have a medical check up so that it would not go worse. This could really destroy our life especially if we will not prevent it before it becomes worse.

If this disease becomes worse you will be able to get impotent and this would be very hard for you to have sexual intercourse and girls can also have problems regarding pregnancy. You will be able to get rid of this disease by just doing regular exercise and control eating foods that is reached in sugar because sugar can make the disease worse. Diabetic natural treatment is proven to be effective, in this case you would not be needing to spend much money to buy medicines but of course it would be better if you have the money to buy the prescribe medicine. Don’t just ignore if you are experiencing these symptoms so that you will be able to prevent bad things to happen.

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