Causes and Treatments of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a kind of disorder that causes numbness and pain that is usually found on the hands and feet. This can result to infections , metabolic disorders and traumatic injuries. Diabetes is one of the most common cause of neuropathy. Heart diseases are commonly caused by diabetes this why doctors have sought for a medication that could treat this kind of disorder. There are four types of this kind of disorder and one of the most common is the peripheral neuropathy, this includes symptoms like numbness, high – low blood pressure acute pain and they feel like they are wearing gloves because of the extreme numbness, sweating and last but not the least you will not be able to get enough time to sleep because of unexplained pain.

You will also possibly get this kind of disorder in alcoholism. One of the dangers that will happen to you is, if you will not notice that you have this kind of disease because some shows no symptoms and just immediately cause disability. You may even feel it as a normal numbness and not knowing that it is already a symptom. You cannot notice the effect but when the time pass by you will experience the complicated effect or the disorder. This is really fatal especially for male because it can cause malfunction of sexual organs. Men would not be happy if that happens because sexual needs of men are more superior than female.

You are able to to experience lack of sensation, massive pain and urinary problem if you have alcoholism neuropathy. You will still feel like peeing always but no urine coming out. There are lots of neuropathy symptoms, so you should go to a doctor when you feel the symptoms like this or take medicines so that you can prevent it before it become worse. Treatment will be more effective if the person having this disorder is responsible for maintaining his or her blood sugar level in a normal stage  or you can just have a regular exercise that could make you healthy and physically fit at the same time.

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