Diabetes – A Silent yet Deadly Disease

Diabetes is one of the top causes of death in the world, an estimate of 60% of the population. Some people already knew about this disease thus they have their maintenance of insulin and daily medications, the bad news is some people are unaware that they already have diabetes therefore they have no maintenance and they have no physician to guide them in combating this disease. One of the worst forms of diabetes is the one that affects our nerves and the common term is diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy is the damage to the nerves due to prolonged diabetes. It is sadly an incurable state because no medical technology had ever succeeded in a nerve surgery that is the cause of diabetes. All we can do is prevent blood glucose from poisoning our system. There are many known complications of diabetes mellitus, the one that is troublesome is the diabetes that affects the nerves. Patients suffering from diabetes experiences constant numbness, dehydration and poor vision.

There is no claimed medical achievement in the cure of diabetic neuropathy all a person can do is to balance the blood glucose in the body. Prescribed diet and exercise should be strictly observed along with a constant injection of insulin and daily medication. This is a very painful and tiring set-up but if a diabetic patient wants to live, he has no choice but to follow his daily regimen to prolong his life.

A patient suffering from diabetes is forbidden to smoke and drink, any chemical intake will greatly affect the health that may sometimes lead to stroke, coma and the worst death. There are many restrictions when you are suffering from diabetes mellitus, it will control your lifestyle thus making you weaker than you ever be.

There are many treatments for diabetes that require constant medications and injections, this is a very expensive treatment method that should be planned because once the treatment stops. The patient will slowly die of the complications that is brought about by diabetes. There are also diabetic natural treatments that rely on natural medication to strengthen and prevent further complications. This is very cheap and very effective form of medication that can greatly affect the health of diabetic patients.

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