Diabetic Neuropathy -Treating Nerve Damage

Diabetic neuropathy is a painful condition often affecting 70% of all diabetics. With diabetic neuropathy the nerves become damaged due to prolonged exposure to high blood glucose levels. Symptoms often include tingling, numbness and shooting pains along the nerves and very often affect the extremities such as the hands or feet.

The important fact about neuropathy is that it can only be cured, if its prime cause is cured. For example, if your neuropathy is caused by high blood glucose levels once you lower the glucose levels the symptoms will typically go away. Nerve damage treatment therefore will include recognizing the cause of the neuropathy and eliminating it.

Once the cause of the neuropathy has been identified and properly dealt with your physician may want to talk with you about pain management. Options may include anti-seizure medications, anti-depressant medications, over the counter pain relievers, narcotic pain relievers, and topical ointments such as Capsaicin. 

If narcotic prescription medications are recommended your physician will want to monitor you closely as these types of medications can be highly addictive. A further option may include monthly injections of vitamin B12 since neuropathy has been found to become worse in people who are deficient in the vitamin B12 which supports the sheathing that protects our nerves. Studies have also found that B12 promotes the regeneration and growth of new nerve cells.

Nerve damage associated with diabetes can become very painful. Talk with your physician and determine if you are at risk and what your options are.

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