Effects and Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy

Effects and Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy

There are many kinds of nerve pain and one of the most common is is neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a kind of nerve pain that is really hard to diagnose, this is a disease with many causes. The process of diagnosing begins with a medical history and then followed by medical exams. Getting a blood sample is also included in the procedure so that they will be able to see if the patient have other disease aside from this nerve pain disorder and the most important thing in this procedure is the nerve biopsy, the doctors are going to get a nerve sample so that will be able to study it with a use of a microscope.

If you have this kind of disease you will be able experience numbness  of your muscles and we often experience this in our feet. Neuropathy in feet, is like stepping on needles. Some people who experience this cannot even stand up because of the extreme pain. You can also acquire crumbs when you have this type of disease because as I mentioned above the muscles are being attacked by this disease. This is very stressful especially when we have this on the face for the reason of the thing that  you will not be able to smile or make any facial expression because if you do so nerve pain might acquire quickly.

You should not take this for granted because this might become worse if you will not prevent it. If ever this disease is not prevented early you might possibly have brain damage especially when the nerves are connected to the brain, there are lots of bad effect on this disease if not prevented that is why we should get it before it causes consequences like brain damage which can lead to dying. If you will not get this before it get worse you might permanently have a sensory problem like you cannot feel quickly when someone touches you or even hot and cold will not be easily felt. Prevent it while you can so that you will not experience bad effects due to neuropathy.

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