Neuralgia – The Pain of Diabetes

Approximately 70% of those suffering from diabetes will experience some form of nerve pain due to high glucose levels effect on your nervous system.

Neuralgia treatment is varied and highly dependent on the type and location of the neuralgia that is being experienced yet once numbness or tingling in your feet or hands is experienced you should make an appointment with your physician immediately.

Symptoms of neuralgia include pain, weakness and impaired function of the affected part of the body; sensitivity or numbness in the skin; pain the follows the path of a nerve; movement, touch or pressure causes pain.

Neuralgia is commonly found among the elderly but in reality can occur in anyone at any age.
If you are diabetic and experience any of these symptoms your physician’s first test will be to determine if your glucose levels are elevated. If the test comes back positive the primary goal will be to get your levels back under control.

Normally the symptoms will go away after the cause has been identified and reversed however it may take a few weeks depending on how long you experienced the symptoms prior to diagnosis.

To deal with the associated pain your physician will also probably prescribe pain medications which may include anti-depressant, anti-seizure, and even narcotic medication. Please be aware that these may be addictive, especially the narcotic medications, and will require frequent monitoring by your physician.

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