One of the Most Dangerous Nerve Pain

Multiple of nerves are being affected in a neuralgia, this is caused by a neurological change of structure. There are two categories of neuralgia first is the the central neuralgia, this is one of the most dangerous thing because the pain is located near the spinal cord and the second one is the peripheral neuralgia. If this nerve disease will not be prevented your brain might be damaged. This is really difficult to diagnose in fact this is one of the most difficult to diagnose. In the process of diagnosing, locating the nerve damage is one of the things that must be done. Neuralgia treatment is being categorized according to membrane stabilizing drugs.

You will have many affected parts of nerves when neuralgia is within you. Nerves that are being affected are the part in which you have sense touch, forehead, jaw and your temperature sense. You will be able to feel the pain in a short time for just as short as two minutes but the pain it can cause you will be like you are being stabbed with a pointed thing, burning and sometimes it can be itchy. This is more difficult  to treat that other pain that is being experienced. Unlike neuropathy nerve damage can easily be treated by just taking regular exercise a natural way of treatment.

The that you can feel in this nerve disease is one of the most unbearable pain that a person could experience. The nerve disease is really sensitive because even a soft touch could trigger it just like for example eating, washing your face or even just making a facial expression can trigger its effect. So no one would like to have this kind of nerve disease because you will not only suffer from the pain you will also suffer from doing unusual things. If you have this kind of disease you will not be able to smile or because the nerve damage will hurt. This disease is rarely seen we can find these more to women compare to men. So before you get this disease better prevent it so that you will not be able to experience the painful effect of it.

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