Neuropathy Symptoms

Symptoms and Treatments for Diabetes Neuropathy

There are many types of diabetes but one of the most common cases is by diabetic neuropathy. In fact seventy percent of diabetic people have this type of diabetes. Most of the people who suffer from this type of disease are those who are carrying diabetes for a long time, in short if not prevented it would become worse. This type of disease will give you pain and numbness, usually it affects your hands and feet, some of the people who suffer from this have experienced too much pain. This is a very dangerous type of disease because if you will not be able to notice, this might lead to sensation loss. There are many people who are not aware until they are being diagnosed as a diabetic. This can affect nerves that are connected to our heart. If this comes worse, you may suffer from irregularity of heart palpitation.

If you will not prevent this from becoming worse, you will be able to suffer from the consequences. Not only you will receive the pain and all the diabetic symptoms, you will also be required to follow not to take the prohibited ones. This is not that easy because there are lots of things that you should not take just like alcohol, sweet foods, fried foods, refined foods and a lot more. You will only be advised to eat foods like vegetables for example. You can have a rapid fast development to keep away from the certain disease you will just have to have regular exercise and a proper diet would also help, because as we know most of the people who suffer from diabetes are those who have overweight. You can also do yoga as a relaxation and at the same time it helps you stabilize your blood glucose level.

Relaxation is also a good idea to lower your blood sugar. People who experience high blood sugar are those who are always stressed. A complete relaxation like yoga can contribute not only peace of mind but also this relaxes your reflexes, control blood pressure and can be a substitute to nerve pain relief. We must treasure our life for this is the most precious thing in the world.

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