The Best Way to Prevent the Risk of Diabetes

Thera are many cases of diabetic neuropathy, this is a disease in which your nerves will suffer from damage. Diabetes is mostly found in our hands and feet. Our body organs can also suffer from nerve damage and digestive system can also be affected when a diabetes become worst. There are many signs of diabetes, some of them will even feel no pain they will just feel dizziness, indigestion, diarrhea and a lot more. In preventing diabetes to become worst, you must have to control the level of your blood glucose and in order to do that you must have to exert more effort on losing weight. Diet, regular exercise and medication prescribe can minimize all the diabetes effect. For people who are suffering from intense nerve pain you should have to take antidepressant which this will relieve you from pain. Consulting a doctor is also a good idea for correct prescription.

To keep away from digestion irregularity, I suggest that you should eat less meals and avoid eating fatty foods, also you should avoid eating sweet foods because this will only make diabetes worse. To avoid dizziness, you must only have to sit and stand up in slow motion, also lowering your blood pressure can also help. Some people use cream for their skin, by simply applying the cream to the affected part you can be able to minimize the pain cause by diabetes. The most dangerous effects of diabetes is by means of nerve damage because this may harm our body organs like for example our heart, this is the worst type of diabetes because can cause death if not prevented. This is often times happen during night time, as I mentioned above you can prevent this by taking anti depressant and some pain reliever that is being prescribed by the doctor.

A hearty diet together with a regular exercise can help you become healthier and far from the risk of diabetes. If you are suffering from this type of disease better consult a doctor for you to take the best neuropathy treatments. Don’t ignore this because this disease may be deadly if not prevented early.

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