The Effects of our Unhealthy Lifestyle

The Effects of our Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our body is the temple of God that is why we should take good care of our bodies. Diseases are the results of our carefree lifestyle, it is these lifestyle that we are slowly destroying our body. We should be more vigilant because most of the products nowadays have chemicals that is harmful to the body gradually. These chemicals might not harm us on our first take but the more we used the chemical it is slowly accumulating in our bodies making us very sick. These chemicals are making us intoxicated making our body incapable of functioning well.

One of the main functions of the body is to break down fats, if these functions are not done well it will result to obesity which in turn will bring out more harmful complications like diabetic neuropathy which is a very serious disease. Our liver is responsible for the function of breaking down fats if the liver is clogged with chemicals it loses its ability to break down fats which if untreated will evolve to a more serious disease.

In our lifestyle, it is a requirement that we socialize every once in a while. These social gatherings will not complete without smokes and drinks. This drinks and smoke if done permanently can again harm our central nervous system that may in turn lead to neuropathy or nerve pain. It should be kept in kind that it is a very serious disease that should not be taken for granted.

It is up to us to take care of our body, it is better that we do prevent this sickness from ever occurring because it might become a serois sickness sooner or later. Hospital bills are quite expensive nowdays so we better prevent this sickness by enjoying a more careful lifestyle. A careful lifestyle does not forbid us from drinking and eating but it should be controlled. Too much eating and drinking is very harmful to the body, we should learn to eat properly and eat enough. After all we are aonly given one body so we better take good care of this body, because we never know when our time is up.

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